NEW! | Adjustable Mask Lanyard – One Size Fits All!



Your children (or husband) will never lose their mask again!

Mask Care Co’s handy facemask lanyard is a simple but secure strap with an adjustable buckle so it fits easily any adult size. They come in a selection of colors, a unisex choice for having hands free, secure access to your mask any time. The two clip lanyards are durable but comfortable to wear, made from a polyester cord that straps around your neck and forms a bridge, lightweight cord that will not pull, you will not even feel that it is there. Plus, as it is connected through the masks ear loops, the loops will not hang on your ear anymore, won’t pull your ear and it will make the mask-wearing more comfortable. Wear these cords the way you would wear sunglass retainers.

About –
• Lightweight lanyard mask holder strap
• Adjustable, one size fits all
• Never forget your mask again, when not need it, let it hang on your neck
• Great for traveling when hopping from one place to another
• You don’t have to leave the mask on the table while you are eating
• Avoid swapping your masks with others? hang them on your neck!
• Practical, convenient, easy to use
• Comfortable to wear will rest your ears
• Keep your face protection clean and close by
• Perfect choice for essential employees
• Perfect when running errands, outside eating, when on the phone
• Use with disposable masks or fabric masks
• Unisex style

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