NEW!! Mask Storage Case with Lanyard! Germ-proof, Dust-proof, Waterproof!



For Value Pack Purchases – please specify desired colours in a note during checkout. Single chosen colour will be sent if no selection is made.

Mask Care Co purposely-built face mask case made from eco friendly antibacterial polypropylene plastic.

Water-proof, germ-proof, dust-proof, puppy-proof!

The perfect place to keep your masks and ensure you’ve always got some handy. Makes finding your mask easy while keeping your bag/pocket free from dangers.

The internal bezel assists you to store your mast quickly and easily.
Measuring at 11 x 11 x 1.2cm means it can easily fit in your pocket, bag or car glove box. Much more portable than other bulky mask cases on the market!

Fits 1 thin reusable mask & up to 5 disposable masks.

Dishwasher safe – Lanyard is not.

Makes the perfect gift for someone you love!


Sellers Note: These mask cases have a flat finish on the front and back. They do not have a textured pattern.


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