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An examination of the relationship between law and social structure, both in the United States and around the world. Includes considerations on how laws are formulated, enforced and challenged. Examine how legislators, courts, law enforcement and corrections serve the public interest while maintaining patterns of social inequality. Use your love of innovation, entrepreneurship and human resource management to boost your employability. Learn how to manage businesses in competitive environments, solve complex organizational problems, plan effectively, and hire the right people. Manage finances, resources and lead business processes with confidence in a rapidly changing environment. You will learn a variety of transferable skills that are important for running a business or team in any industry. [32] See in general the work of Paul Ramsden, Learning to Teach in Higher Education (2nd ed., 2003); John Biggs, Teaching for Quality Learning at University (2nd ed., 2003). A JCU law degree opens up a wide range of career opportunities. Students must complete the application form and attach previous and current certificates and transcripts, the grading scale used at the institution(s) where you completed your studies, the results of the English proficiency test (if required and available at the time of application), passport to confirm your name and citizenship (if available at the time of application). You must send the application to International Admissions, James Cook University, Townsville QLD, 4811, Australia.

Students interested in honours should express their interest to the Honours Coordinator. The transfer is not automatic. Approval of enrolment in the specialization program and transfer to the Bachelor of Laws (With Distinction) [Integrated] program are required. 1. Demonstrate knowledge of law and legal institutions from different angles with a focus on the relationship between law, social structures and political and social change. In response to this perceived need, more and more research projects are now focusing on the profession of teacher trainer. [54] Several scientific journals cover this field. * There may be different IELTS requirements depending on the course you have chosen.

Choose from seven majors in the business degree. A major is the area of specialization you choose. You can choose from seven majors as part of the Bachelor of Commerce. You can choose to study one major, add a second major, or add a combination of one major with up to two minors. [25] As a first step, lecturers from the second-year subjects met to discuss how to continue the developments of the first-year curriculum. This included defining complementary assessment tasks that develop students` different skills to become independent, critical and ethical learners. An earlier version of this paper was presented in 2005 at the Australasian Law Teachers Association conference at the University of Waikato, Hamilton, New Zealand. Various topics arising from the article were presented in presentations and workshops at school and university. See Joanne Roebuck, Lisa Westcott and Dominique Thiriet, “Reflective Narratives: A Useful Learning Activity and Assessment for First Year Law Students” (2007) 41 The Law Teacher 37, which provides a very brief context on the FYE program and a detailed discussion of reflective narratives. The authors acknowledge the constructive comments of anonymous reviewers on previous versions of this article. JCU graduates are engaged in lifelong learning, intellectual development and the presentation of exemplary personal, professional and ethical standards. They have a sense of their place in the tropics and are entrusted with professional, community and ecological responsibility.

JCU graduates appreciate the need to embrace and get to know the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples in Australia. They are committed to reconciliation, diversity and sustainability. They demonstrate a willingness to lead and contribute to the intellectual, environmental, cultural, economic and social challenges of regional, national and international communities in the tropics. BU1104:03 Introduction to management concepts and applications. Current enrollment in Level 3 of James Cook University`s Bachelor of Laws degrees the degree with an overall weighted average of 5.0 (i.e., credit average) or better. [24] See, for example, Taylor, 17 above. In an extensive discussion of the place of competency-based training in legal education, Taylor identifies the competencies recommended in the various reports and models of integration proposed. These vary from integrated program models, special skills courses, legal clinics, postgraduate courses, and split models. [49] The tutorial tasks varied to reflect the learning activities carried out in the conferences.

Examples of tutoring tasks included a negotiation exercise in which student couples were given a hypothetical role as buyer and seller and had to negotiate the sale of second-hand furniture by email. They were then asked to identify and define the different stages of their negotiations with regard to the design of the contract. Traditional hypothetical tutoring problem scenarios have been placed in the context of a memo from a senior counsel to an article clerk, with requests for memos increasing with the increasing complexity of students` skills. Students were also asked to provide reflection notes on two topics related to contract theory. While students were asked to submit six tutoring assignments, they could choose the three tasks to be assessed. During the tutorial, explicit and detailed evaluation criteria were given, as well as feedback from the tutor and other students to ensure that students were aware of the requirements of each assignment. While students received grades for only three assignments, examiners provided formative feedback on the six assignments submitted. If you`re looking for the best law degrees, you`ll find that a JCU Bachelor of Laws degree is the right choice for your future. Our faculty is committed to student success and is passionate about helping you understand and apply the principles of justice and ethics. [31] Keyes and Johnstone, supra nos. 27, 545 (citations omitted).

Connolly Suthers has a long history of employing JCU law graduates as they have a high level of understanding of the underlying principles and concepts of the Australian legal system. They demonstrate the intellectual and practical skills required in private practice. They know the North, its industries and its people. [26] As at other institutions, at James Cook University, undergraduate students are expected to have certain graduate attributes.