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“RFB Legal`s real estate litigation department has a truly unique team dynamic. It`s a very collaborative team. “They are characterized by honest and direct people who know their subject and can inform their client in simple language. Anyone seeking legal assistance would be doing themselves a disservice if they didn`t choose Stevens & Bolton. “Andrew Myers combines an exceptional legal mind with very practical advice, which often leads to an excellent result. The team at “The Hamlins” is fantastically integrated into business realities and customer needs. They bring high-quality legal expertise and litigation skills to come into play in all cases. “Donald Lambert is intelligent, measured and thoughtful. He has the ability to see interesting and viable legal aspects that can support his clients` positions. He is very commercially oriented and knows his clients` drivers very well.

“The team is the most accessible and simple legal team I work with. They are dynamic and adaptable and use skill, intelligence and charm, whether in front of us, on the field or in front of their opponents. “The legal team understands their drivers, their processes and even the barriers they face on a business side. She immediately advised in a way that was understandable to non-lawyers. Most importantly, she was practical in the advice she gave and was also brilliant in legal terms. “Every lawyer prides himself on his legal skills, communication skills and intimate knowledge of the real estate world.” “RFB Legal`s real estate litigation team is exceptional. The team really works within a homogeneous team. “Sarah Finch has a sharp legal mind, a keen and creative eye for tactics, and always has her feet on the ground. “Joanna Osborne excels legally and professionally and is always ready to listen and discuss, a good negotiator, helpful and thorough. “Brian Kilcoyne has an encyclopedic knowledge of the law and, in particular, property law. His analysis of delicate legal issues is more like that of a prominent real estate silk than that of a busy lawyer. “Carl Roche – This guy is a real star.

He has a very good legal brain and is constantly looking for tactile angles to create benefits for his client. “Joanna Osborne is an exceptional real estate lawyer and a role model for aspiring real estate lawyers. It`s great to work with her because her extensive experience allows her to investigate issues from a legal and client perspective to find workable solutions. is now on Telegram. Follow us for regular legal updates and court decisions. Follow us on Google News, Instagram, LinkedIn, Facebook & Twitter. You can also subscribe to our weekly updates via email. Libertatem Group assumes no responsibility for the accuracy of the job offer. The message was shared as we received it from our employees. “An exceptional combination of legal and practical advice, which very often seems to lead to the best possible outcome.” Picturehouse Cinemas Limited, Gallery Cinemas Limited and Cineworld Cinemas Limited “An excellent understanding of the law allows this team to contribute to the nomination strategy.