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Under Philippine law, two people who wish to end their marriage have limited options. They can apply for legal separation, which allows them to separate their property and live separately, but does not legally end a conjugal union and therefore does not allow remarriage. They can file for divorce if they belong to about 5% of the population who are Muslims and are subject to the Code of Laws on Muslim Personality. Hello lawyer, I was separated with my husband for 6 years and we have 1 daughter, for 7 years he has never supported us (financially). We have not had any communication for 6 years. I just wanted to know how I`m going to apply for legal separation or how our marriage will be null and void. What are the procedures? Thank you in advance. We were separated because of repeated physical abuse and he doesn`t give enough support to our children when he got drunk, he even forced me to have sex with him To some extent, he also orchestrated my work several times. That is, I am so afraid of Him, He knows that this is my weakness and that it is my work and my children. I am a mother who works from home as a home teacher, I was able to take care of my work. There are times when we fight together, sometimes he beats and always cuts my internet connection. Also, when he takes care of my child, he would sometimes try to beat him, which makes him cry loudly.

This action has been repeated several times. Until we agreed together on a separation. My eldest son is in him and I am with my youngest son. My eldest son is supported by his grandfather and not by my ex-husband because he doesn`t have a job. I want to know how, and I really have a budget, but I will do my best to at least have a legal separation from this man because I can no longer bear to have a connection with him. What must I do? and how much do I have to spend on it? Thank you very much. I hope you will receive your answer. I am an OFW and my wife cheated on me while I was working abroad.

I went back on vacation to talk to her personally about whether we could still save the marriage, but she was sure she couldn`t be saved anymore. I am out of the country right now and I would like to ask what the legal separation process is, because divorce is too expensive. We have no children. And as for the features, we`ve already agreed that she`ll take all the things I`ve already given. Thank you in advance for the answer Hello atty. I need advice regarding my status, I got married early Since this marriage no longer works, what legal steps should I take? Consider also the reason (4) for the rejection of an application for legal separation, “If both parties have given a ground for legal separation.” Consider what this means in practice. In this article, we will learn more about legal separation in the Philippines, the legal basis, procedures, costs, and effects of the legal separation decree. My husband got someone pregnant twice, even though they don`t live together, because he said he didn`t like the girl. He insisted on fixing our marriage, but I refused to do so because his infertility brought so much pain.

I would like to apply for legal separation to protect myself and my children. I want to know how to approach the issue. Here is an overview of the steps of legal separation: Hello lawyer, I am here in Jeddah in Saudi Arabia. I would like to ask for a legal separation. I found out that my husband had a mistress and he got her pregnant, she is now in the Philippines with her 7 months. I am also a battered housewife. And just recently, he was asked to resign from his job due to frequent absenteeism and late work. I have been separated for almost 3 years without communication with my ex-husband. We were separated for repeated physical abuse and he didn`t work at all when we were together. I also heard that he was dealing with drugs when we were together, but my daughter is with her parents right now. They are the ones who take care of them because no one in my family will. He actually has a rich family, but he doesn`t want to ask for our cancellation or legal separation, so I want to take the first step.

I want to know how, and I really have a budget, but I will do my best to at least have a legal separation from this man because I can no longer bear to have any connection with him. What must I do? and how much do I have to spend on it? Thank you very much. I hope you will receive your answer. Hello. I just want to share the case of nmy sister. My sister already knew that her husband had a relationship with third parties and thought that would change if they got married. After 12 years, however, he made the same mistake. He had sex with a married woman and had a child who is now 7 months old. My sister had no children with her husband, so she was angry when she found out that he and his wife had a child. I am very sorry to hear about their situation.

I can`t even show her empathy, the best she needs now. This causes him grief. She doesn`t want my family to know and always says “Kaya pa”. No one wants to be in the position where they have to ask for the separation of their loved ones. The best way not to be in this position is to become a good partner and find someone who feels at home. Speaking of home, one of the best investments you can have in your wedding is a Camella home and a lot. 11. Decree on Legal Separation. The court issues the decree on legal separation after (a) the registration of the decision granting the application for legal separation is registered at the civil registry office where the marriage was concluded and at the civil registry office where the family court is located; and (b) the recording of the approved division and distribution of the spouses` immovable property in the appropriate register of deeds in which the immovable property is situated. In the decree, the court cites the decisive part of the judgment received and attaches the approved division to the decree.

Learn more about legal separation, its legal basis, implications, requirements, procedures and cost considerations. I (fiilipina) my (American) husband now separated for 6 Monate.Er left us with my children here in the United States. Now he goes to p.i. for I found out that he is betrĂ¼ of the intention to live with the girl he met online. Since July, he started sending money gadgets, etc. to the girl, and this month too, the girl started living in an apartment that my husband pays for and where they plan to live. Now he told me that he had already filed the legal separation with the P.I. while he is still here.

Not all divorce counsel is relatively new to the Philippines. Before the Spanish colonial era, divorce was already practiced by several ancient tribes across the country. During these periods, there is some form of legal retaliation for the culprit. During the Spanish period, divorce from the Spaniards was prohibited. Please help me lawyer my husband has been having an affair for 7 years with different girls. I really can`t take it anymore because he treats me very badly. He supports me and his 3 children at least. He gives a lot of money for his girlfriends. I don`t have much money left to submit the separation. I want to legalize support because I think it`s not enough. I used all my salary for the needs of the house. He rarely works and leaves me all the office work and the responsibility of the children.

He doesn`t care about his children. He easily gets angry with me and says bad things about me. He`s often not there and I really don`t know anything about where he is. Hello. My husband is asking for legal separation.