Are Pet Otters Legal in Ohio

Otters and most exotic animals do not like to be restrained, especially with strangers. People who like to physically interact with their pets will be disappointed. When you see cute baby otters interacting with their caregivers – like the ones in the videos here – keep in mind that they are often socialized babies who are not yet mature. Ferrets, Morro Bay kangaroo rats, bighorn sheep (alongside Nelson`s bighorn sheep), northern elephant seals, Guadalupe fur seals, ring-tailed cats, Pacific right whales, salt marsh harvest mice, South Sea otters, wolverines, primates, falcons, falcons, crows, marsupial storms, sloths, hedgehogs, wild rodents, zebras, Mongooses, gerbils The Asian clawed otter is the only species allowed to possess in the United States, as this species has been allowed to possess nationally due to the protection of marine mammals Asian clawed otters are not nationally illegal because they are not marine animals, but they are certainly not legal to own in all U.S. states. States where it is legal to own an otter are yellow in color. The North American river otter is the only river otter found in northern Mexico. It is illegal in all U.S. states to keep this native otter as a pet. Exotic animals have many policies regarding their maintenance in captivity, but property laws change depending on the state. It is illegal to keep almost all otters as pets in North America, with one exception. In some states, it is not illegal to keep a small-clawed Asian otter as a pet. There are several strict guidelines for their care and care, but theoretically, you can keep a small-clawed Asian otter as a pet in some states of the United States.

Below is a list of reasons why you shouldn`t. The otter is one of the cutest creatures you can imagine. You may not think so just to look at them, although even though they`re still in stock, they`re adorable. However, if you`ve ever seen someone sleep while walking downstream, opening lunch on their stomachs, or drying in the water with their friends, only the nastiest of the commons wouldn`t find them adorable. Let`s not even start with baby otter puppies. They are so delicious that you can see why people want an otter as a pet. Why don`t you see more otters playing in the park on a Sunday afternoon? Non-native raccoons can be kept as pets with proper veterinary examination certification and proof of legal ownership. All states have bans on at least some exotic animals, even states known to have lax pet laws. For example, in Nevada, lions and elephants are technically legal to own, but not 3-pound fennek foxes. Most states make their laws unclear for certain animals and otters could be regulated under certain laws if it appears that they are legal under another law. For example, most states ban big cats, primates, and bears, but in states that allow more surprising species than pets, the majority of counties and cities don`t. The level of protection and species of otters vary in different parts of the world.

Not all countries have strict protection laws and many otter populations are already in decline. Some of the different types of otter species are: I grew up in the redwoods of California. I fished for invasive fish in the Eel River and had wild otters swimming a few feet away from me and eating the fish I killed. It`s amazing and I`ve always dreamed of having one as a pet. But I would only do it if I had the #1 money, a lot of money. The room aka plot with a huge pond around which I would build a huge enclosure. Have a secondary pond/pen that I stock with fish, frogs and other native species where I would let my baby out every day and go swimming with it. In addition, his diet would not only be what is clear in the ponds. but only then would I even think of having an otter. Besides, I would only ever have one. This is wrong for all the people who commented to post, where can I get one, how much do they cost, etc.

why would you publish such shitty people in the first place? You must all have been left behind. I was kicked by the one who said. I`m leaving school and I need to know where to move to own one. Okay children. You really need to move where you can own a bear and let it live with you in your home. Do us all a favor and let yourself be mutilated. People are really stupid damn damn LMFAO. Restrictions under wildlife laws do not apply to some organizations. Some educational institutions, zoos and research facilities may legally own certain wildlife. However, these organizations must follow the laws very carefully to avoid criminal charges related to exotic animals.

If an animal is not banned or requires a permit, it can be kept as a pet. However, no one can own more than 6 animals of any kind and no more than 25 wild animals without game at any given time. Coatis bred in captivity can be kept as pets, but proof of legal acquisition is required. No permits are required in any county west of the Pecos River with a population of less than 25,000.